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Questions We Get Asked

Please tell me about the financial planning process.
How do you create this blueprint?
Sounds like a lot of work!
Who can benefit most from your services?
What is ''Fee-Only'' financial planning and why should that be important to me?
Please tell me about the financial planning process.
I understand the benefits of working with a Fee-Only financial planner, but I might need to obtain financial products. How will I be able to do that?
Does Garrett Financial Planning provide only comprehensive financial planning?
My spouse and I are just beginning to build for our financial future. There is so much to learn! We need help and guidance to get started. Will you accept us as clients?
I have already accumulated substantial assets and think I am doing quite well. But as I progress and build for the future, things seem to be getting more complicated. I want to be sure I am on track, but I don't always have the time or inclination to manage the myriad details by myself. Can you help me?
I'm in charge of the retirement plans and employee benefits at my firm. I would like to increase the number of employees who participate in our benefit programs. How can you help us?
What types of securities do you provide advice for?
If I use Garrett Financial Planning, Inc. to develop a financial plan, am I obligated to purchase the recommended products?
Tell me about your investment philosophy.
How do you select investments for a client?
How do you price your financial planning services?
How much will my financial plan cost?
Are your fees tax deductible?
Once my financial plan is completed, will our relationship end?
How can I get started?


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