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At Ednomics Financial, we provide assistance on resolving your largest financial concerns. Whether it be through tax, investment, or financial success, we uphold to true fiduciary standards. We revolve our practice around the following philosophies, geared towards our specific services:


Financial Planning

  • Clients from all walks of life, ages, and economic circumstances should have access to quality professional financial advice on an as- needed basis.
  • Each of our client’s is unique and their financial plan should reflect this. All client’s personal information will be held in strictest of confidence.
  • Financial plans evolve over time. When clients are involved in the planning process and its monitoring, their involvement increases the chances of success.
  • We believe our clients are best served by a fee- only planner. Through this type of planning, we can provide objective based advice by putting the client’s best interests in mind, as opposed to other remuneration for the advice provided.

Tax Preparation

  • We follow tax law and regulations including safeguarding our client’s privacy
  • Tax laws are always changing as our economy changes and adapts. We will keep current with the tax law and its changes so that our client’s pay the lowest possible legal tax.
  • Our client’s interests always come first. This implies we do not participate in such concepts or products such as instant refunds where the client pays for a service that is not in their best interest.
  • We communicate with our clients in regards to changes in tax laws that may effect their situation so that appropriate action can be taken. We expect our clients to communicate their changing situation so that we can inform them of any tax implications.

Investment Philosophy

  • Each of our client’s are unique and their investment planning should duly consider their individual uniqueness.
  • Each client’s portfolio is allocated across different asset classes to diversify their portfolio. Their asset allocation is based on the client’s unique situation- the capacity, tolerance for risk, time frame, current cash flows, and market situation.
  • At times their will be losses. We will not always be right, but we will learn from our mistakes. Through diversification and risk protection, we will avoid any one mistake breaking us.





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