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Investment Policy Statement

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a written document, which guides your investment decisions. Just like investment committees do for major endowments, the IPS takes into account your risk profile, time horizon, and financial goals to determine appropriate asset allocation and monitoring policy. This assignment provides the “do-it-yourself” investor an IPS. 

Investment Management

Following the Financial Checkup, we provide Investment management services. Investment Management consists of ongoing supervision without discretion of your investment portfolio. It does not include any ongoing financial planning. 

Financial Checkup

Initially, we take each of our clients through a step-by-step process that starts with a Financial Checkup. This provides a detailed written solution to one or two of your most pressing needs. Common assignments include retirement savings projects and projections, retirement investment (401K/ IRA) selection, college saving requirement and strategies, and cash flow review. The exact assignment and associated fee is determined at the initial, get acquainted meeting. 

Social Security Maximization

A Maximization Analysis uses software to determine the best combination of options for your unique circumstances in regards to Social Security. This analysis includes input, generation of reports, and discussion of the Social Security Maximization analysis. The best course of action will ultimately depend on your unique situation; your work history, assumptions on life expectancy and inflation, and other variables. It is easy to say that an analysis might be one of the best investment choices in a client’s lifetime. 

Retirement Forecast

The Retirement Forecast is intended for clients planning to retire within the next 1 to 15 years. It provides an in-depth review of your current financial circumstances and detailed steps to prepare you for retirement. Your plan will include the following:

  • Current net worth statement
  • An insurance review to ensure that all risks are appraised and that your retirement is not jeopardized with inadequate coverage
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to place in writing your investment methodology and detailed policy
  • Review of your current portfolio compared to your IPS including risk tolerance and other factors
  • Retirement needs analysis to determine if you are currently saving enough to achieve your retirement objectives
  • Review of your current estate plan 


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